• Put It On My Tab7:07
  • Movin' On (Live)6:07
  • Common Ground (Live):11:56
  • Catfish10:42
  • It's About Time8:43
  • If I Only Had Seven Giant Brains6:34
  • Ashland City7:30
The University of Illinois concert Jazz Band

Sun Stereo

"Give It All Away"

The Adrian Barnett Septet

"It's About Time"

1. Run, Louie, Run

2. Rewind

3. It's About Time

4. Baby Steps

5. Put It On My Tab

6. Catfish

7. Velvet Suit

"It's About Time" by The Adrian Barnett Septet is available on iTunes, Amazon.com, CDBaby.com, and many other retailers.

Sun Stereo

"Rogue Satellite"